Monday, February 21, 2011

Shoestopper #12

I was whatsapp-ing my sister earlier and discussing our (hopefully) upcoming Taipei trip in April. Their tickets are blocked but we are still sorting out mine, the whole from Perth to SG to Taipei and then SG for a few days before Perth. It costs alot online SQ website so we are figuring out if we can do any cheaper with an agent. Hmmmm...

Anyway, I was saying I will bring one of my Nike Dunks to Taiwan because they are loud colours and I am thinking of going for a more casual look so as to minimise luggage space. Only in Asian countries such as Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan do I dare to venture over safely to my loud fashion side and really go for the funky/cute/loud.

I bought this at the end of my JC1 and thought I would wear this as school shoes for J2 year. Unfortunately, it turned out that a couple of girls started wearing them so I retired mine and kept it pristine. I know they are very bright, but I love it. The dark glossy pink and the gold on white. It was something different and didn't cost too much too. I was in the Nike Dunks phase and lucky I only bought 2 instead of more because I hardly wear them these days. I am just not the teeshirt, jeans and sneakers sort of girl.

I brought them to Japan with me and only really wore them to Disneyland because it matched my outfit for the day. So for over 3 years now, this pair still looks as new as the photo the day I bought it. I kid you not. I told you I can take care of stuff!

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Love how the shoelaces matches! Check out the glittery label and insoles (look closely at the NIKE words inside). Yes, it did not help dispel my bimbo nicknames and reputation. So I brought it with me to perth and haven't worn it since the first couple of weeks. I got side-tracked with rubi flats.

I am bringing this pair home to Singapore where it belongs and make it my travelling shoes...Or not. I can always just keep it clean and leave it for keeps... ;)

Till my next shoe-stopping experience, Mayy xo

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