Thursday, April 14, 2011

Completely Random

Do you use Google as often as I do? Well then, you should have noticed that Google occasionally changes its logo above the search engine. Why, you may ask? If you run your mouse over the picture, it tells you what day is it and what is Google trying to 'celebrate'. Here are three of my favourite ones so far. There are more but these are the ones I managed to save. Celebrating the 119th anniversary of documented ice cream sundae. What a sweet picture! Looks just like an old American ice cream milkshake parlour. COOKIE MONSTER! The people at Google are too creative. Absolutely hilarious this one. Loves it! And this one of all the Sesame Street characters! Awwwww, they were celebrating the big anniversary of Sesame Street for a week I think. I only managed to capture two. Do you have any favourite Google logos? Do you make the effort to find out what they are commemorating? Obviously picture credits to Google.

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