Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mayy's Closet #29

It's been a gruelling week of managing academic and social life. But all in all, I had a blast. Here's an outfit I wore on Wednesday after a tiresome sleep. But the colours woke me up. I even wore heels to give the day a little boost, no pun intended. Am I wearing my racerback tank tops the wrong way?!

Nahhh... I am not! It's meant to be ribbed on both the front and back. Which is why I really liked it I suppose. It is simple yet something different from the everyday tank tops. I had to get these two colours to layer them together because it is such an aussie colour! Also, I love the green. And I hardly have yellow in my wardrobe. Besides it is from the Supre AUD 2.50 sale. Hahaha!

Tip: Layer the darker colour outside for a more flattering look.

Besides layering same design tops, I could have gone for one such tank top with a normal sleeveless/skinny strap top. It gives the look the illusion of more complex cut out lines.

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I paired it with my grey Cotton On skinny jeans with sidezips at the leg ends and my Zara shoestopper #17. Another tip: Pairing the grey stilettos with the grey jeans really lengthens the silhouette.

It is not as perfect as I would like it though... The top is very tight at the head end so it messes up my hair and you better not be wearing make up when you take them on and off!

Till my next closet raid, Mayy xo

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