Sunday, April 3, 2011

M's Food Find #32

On another spontaneous night for the second week in a row! Am I on a roll or what? Just you wait till Tuesday when I see my adventure ball, Kath and fellow shopaholic, Sam. April is looking good, and the workload climbs higher. Well, gotta relieve pressure somehow. Food is the way to go. And dressing up pretty. A cute flight of stairs outside of Western Australia Library. There was a purple flight too with squiggly words and funny pictures. I like all these quirky little things in Perth. After a long walk from parking at the Court, and discovering Tong 86 Korean BBQ only serves beef and pork for meat (Shiyu and I can't eat beef, Nurun can't eat pork), we walked all the way down to the busy part of Northbridge with absolute no idea where to go eat. Because well, I don't really want duck. The girls really wanted korean BBQ so I thought oh well, let's just get the craving over and done with for them. We passed by this small looking shop, Seoul Kitchen, Korean BBQ and Buffet in Northbridge (195 William Street). In we go, because we were either tired or hungry. So not impressed with the strong smell of food and the lack of strong aircon. All I can think about was my hair and clothes. Bleagh. Nevertheless, after some waiting and poor service, we got to sitting on the floor, at the back where there is aircon. The night is not off to the best of starts.

That is the BBQ set for two for Shiyu and Nurun. They chose chicken for their meat. For AUD49.95, I guess it is not too bad. But it is not really my thing. The chicken was tender after grilling, and tasted very yummy. Good marinade. The fish slices too. I didn't try the prawn and scallops so I can't tell you if they were fresh. But they had to be I suppose. That is the 3 side dishes there, Kim Chi, beansprouts and potatos. The potatos were really good. The waitress also kept checking back to see if she need to change the pan for them which was good I suppose. But other than that, it was very crowded and the service was not prompt. Photos credits:

I ordered the only thing in korean cuisine I like: Bibimbap. It is also a shame I don't eat beef because that's the traditional one with raw egg. Here, the chicken and pork bibimbap is not on the menu but you can request for it. I got the chicken one so Nurun could have a try. She is not a fan. I mixed that all up and I wish I could have more eggyolk. Overall, pretty healthy. For AUD13.90, it's nothing special. Maybe the beef would be worth it, especially the marinated one.

Well, that's my saturday dinner. For those of you who like the fun of barbecuing or eating your hearts out, it is something in Northbridge you can go for besides the usual Chinese and Italian. And eat your fill before a night of booze and partying is wise.

Till my next food find, Mayy xo

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