Thursday, April 7, 2011

M's Food Find #33

I got a facebook wall post from Miss Kath Chiu saying she dreamt of me texting her. So I texted her and made her dream come true. The end result: organising a catch up over burgers with Mis Chiu and Mr Ferragamo-Burberry himself. We chose The Burger Bistro, Shafto Lane (they also have an outlet in Leederville) for that wonderful dinner night out on Tuesday. Unfortunately, I completely sparsed out and forgot to take photos of the entrance. Nevertheless, I remembered my duty to blog when I sat down in the bistro with Kath. It is not a big restaurant but I think that's the way I like it. Off the wall, cosy and just all about the food and company.

The accolades! Menu on the wall, order at the counter. Minimal fuss. I have been here once before last year and discovered it quite accidentally. Fell in love with it ever since and have been wanting to head back. Got my wish finally.

We eventually moved to a table at the back because someone started smoking outside and we hated the smell. Eventually Sam arrived looking very put together as usual. Let's get to the burgers already!!!

That's my burger for the night, Mr Saigon which is the bistro's only pork burger. Filled with fresh raw herbs and veggies like any Vietnamese cuisine. I really liked the tender pork and fresh veggies. It balances the meat very well with that hint of Vietnamese flavour. There is a Miss Saignon burger which is just a chicken patty instead of pork.

I am not a fan of the healthy buns because it is too chewy for my liking. I stick to my McDonald's fillet o fish buns as a favourite bun, especially when it's piping hot and soft. OKAYYYY. we are NOT talking about Macca's. Let's go on to the BEST THING ON THE MENU here. In my opinion of course.

The chips/fries. The thick cut chips are so wonderfully salted and battered. Oh the softness and bite. I could eat the whole big bowl but I only ordered a small serve to go. It costs you AUD2.80. There is complimentary water so I decided to be healthy and stick to water. My meal costs me AUD 18.30. Do the math yourself please and you will know how much Mr. Saigon will cost you.

I really cannot emphasize enough HOW GOOD THE CHIPS ARE. omg. Better than shopping. THERE. I said it. I don't regret it and I will NOT take it back.

That's Kath's beef burger. I don't know which one she ordered but she sure was happy with it.

That's Sam's chicken burger and he ordered small serve of chips as well.

Just so you know, we all cleaned our plates up nicely. The burgers were of the right size and not crazy big so much that it puts you right off. I had the lamburghini (lamb burger) during my first trip there. It was good too. I can never make up my mind. NEVER. It usually takes me awhile. Anyway, the sad thing is the bistro only opens Mondays to Fridays, but till pretty late which is good I guess. The three of us sat there till closing, so much to catch up. It feels like we see each other all the time. Gotta start being sociable and plan monthly or bi-monthly or tri-monthly catch ups. I cancelled on a couple of past meetups with Sam, Maddy, Kerren and Chiara last year and I feel terrible. Its always insane bad luck that I just dont feel well on that day and I have to let them know so last minute. Sighs. NEVER MIND. Its a new year and I am so happy we all met on one of the best trips I will ever have. Sam, if you are reading this, LET's MAKE BALI HAPPEN! I am so excited.

And because the both of them were pretty excited about making it to the blog, so here's a photo of my dinner companions and I.

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Till my next food find, Mayy xo

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