Sunday, April 10, 2011

M's Food Find #34

I shall take a break from the report that's costing me sleepless nights. I took time out from work and all to meet up with my girlfriends here in Perth. I believe it is the first time almost all of us are meeting together instead of separately. Since Anna has been working in Claremont, she's got new places she wants to check out so she planned this one. Dessert warrants a whole new post on its own so let's get dinner over with. I was a hungry girl after two mid-sems invigilations on one day. Saturday no less. Yes, I know there are better ways of spending the weekend. We waited for Sado Island on Bayview Terrace (behind Subway and Hungry Jacks) to open at 6pm. It is in a little obscure alleyway and I was really quite excited to try it out. Alas, I was fairly disappointed with the service.

Sam ordered the bento set so he got dessert with it: green tea ice cream with strawberries nad melon balls. I didn't take much of it. Shiyu was the happy girl.

That's Anna's teriyaki fish and noodles. It looks pretty good and healthy but well, I am on a major diet cutback after lunch that day.

Nurun ordered tamago sushi for Shiyu and herself. I would say that's a very well done piece of sushi. Fairly authentic. Not much rice involved.

That's my dinner of ebi roll. I know it looks pathetic but it is healthy. The girls each had one too. Share the calories. I was totally saving up space for dessert.

I also shared salmon sashimi with Sam. Pretty fresh but still not the kind I am looking for, the search continues in Perth. It makes me miss Singapore a bit more after each failed attempt.

Salmon, avocado and cucumber roll which came with the bento set.

Sam's bento set which had beef, fish and chicken and a whole bowl of healthy greens. Yums. I took a top view but I still haven't received the photos from Anna. Will add that here once I got it. I just did not want to accumulate on my backlog posts.

The place was apparently booked out for the night and because we waited early, we got to sit in for a quick dinner. There is also a minimum charge of AUD22 per person. Not difficult to get to that amount if you are hungry. Nevertheless, the girls got a bit drama on that since some didn't want to eat. Nurun ordered the plum wine which was alright. Not my kind of thing, but I had a glass for the night. The service was actually not bad but the atittude in the beginning was just well, snobby. Would I return? I guess not. But the company I had that night, was sufficient to make the night alittle less worry-free.

Till my next food find, Mayy xo

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  1. I love this restaurant and go often. They are most certainly not snobby! They're lovely and always remember our full orders off by heart (and we order entrée, main, dessert and drinks). Quality food and great service. You may have found they appeared snobby because it was a busy night and there were probably plenty of other people like you who didn't book but expected to be seated. This means they may have been understaffed (and stressed!) as how could they possibly know it was going to be a busy night if a lot of people randomly drop in without booking?