Monday, April 18, 2011

Mayy's Closet #31

Hello! It is Monday and due date for the big report which is slowly causing panic amongst the group of us. I panicked but not today. Thank goodness. Did I mention I love my supervisors? Well, I do. In any case, I had a good weekend invigilating and partying and sort of chillaxing for abit.

Let me blog about a maxi-dress I got as part of my Supre online spree about a month ago now. Time flies, I remembered just getting to know the new friends and now, it's like I have known them for a while now and not just for the past couple of months. Alright alright, back to clothes. The prints are very very busy, tiny flowers on a black background. It is a little too big for me but I guess it is comfortable in that sense. I will live with the size difference. Next time, it's XS not S for Supre maxidresses. The lower half of the dress is slightly tighter so I can't take too big steps in them. Abit more demure.

I feel like I was wearing a sarong or sari skirt or, I feel like an air stewardess. Hahaha. I decided against wedges and went with a simple pair of thongs which contrasted really well colour-wise.

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I accessorized with a brown belt and long gold necklace. As usual, bangles of different colours or colours to match your footwear. Take a brown clutch or a tan shopping tote. Boho chic for the day.

Till my next closet raid, Mayy xo

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