Sunday, April 17, 2011

M's Food Find #39

You have probably heard me going on about this for a few weeks now. My craving for ipoh horfun at Ipoh Garden in Canning Highway, Applecross. I finally had it on Friday with the group after class. Yay.

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That is the dry version whith extra sambal. Two fresh prawns and a whole lot of chicken strips. Standard is somehow not as good as the first time I had it a couple of years back. Nevertheless, I get the occasional craving. You can have the clear soup version which is alot healthier?

In addition to that, you can order the Inchikabin (Fried Chicken) which is super yummy and fragrant and pretty sinful. End the meal with the super sweet sticky date pudding or some strong durian ice cream. Loves it.

I heard the one at Myaree is better but I have yet to try. I will keep you posted! Meantime, if you don't feel like having Spaghi's or Vu when you are in the area, you can try Ipoh Garden.

Till my next food find, Mayy xo

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  1. Yeah I'd agree with that. I'd go for a coffee again but probably not a meal. It's a good location and a decent atmosphere so it's good for a catch up.