Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mayy's Closet #28

I really should be going to sleep but last post for today. A closet post. No not something I wore today although I am happy with today's. Moving along, it is an outfit I wore out to dinner with Charlene and Zhiwei last December at The Silver Spoon. Didn't think I would actually buy and then wear something like this out. But I did and I actually like it. It is my poofy skirt from Dotti, at AUD39.95 I think. Since it was still cold weather/cool breeze, a grey turtleneck from Dotti as well to keep me slightly warm. Nothing too loud for accesories too, given the drama of the skirt. The skirt is made out of nude coral pink ruffled waves, it is not chiffon though.

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And I paired it with my Shoestopper #10 since the colour scheme here is really to keep it soft and girly. I would wear it again with a black scoop neck basic top and a different hairstyle. What do you suggest? French braid? I need help with that. Bunned up and chopstick it through? Hmmmm... it needs lighter pinker makeup I suppose. Nothing too edgy here. A wannabe ballerina. Swan Lake anyone?

So do you absolutely love it like I do or hate it because well, it is just too much?

Till my next closet raid, Mayy xo

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