Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mayy loves Cupcakes!

Time for more cupcakes!!! This time, the cupcakes posted here are all HANDMADE with lotsa passion and love for baking by the very very talented Tina. A little bird told me she will be setting up a baking ordering 'shop'. I totally love personalised cupcakes/cakes. But the focus here is cupcakes. I will start with my most favourite one so far from her facebook album aptly titled the Baking Adventures! Hahaha... First off, I LOVE the colour scheme. Perfect for a glamourous party set. The stilettos and the barbie doll like figure heads are my favourite doillies. And you know what is the best thing here? She makes EVERYTHING by hand. even the little cutout fondants and all!

I am so super excited when she made the committee cupcakes today. Little baby Lindt chocolate cupcakes. First time tasting it, I will tell you they ARE DELISH. Some cupcakes are just sugar laden. These, have some real taste to it. The butter cream is really butter cream, and the chocolate cupcakes taste like real chocolate. So fluffy and moist!

Little bears and butterflies.

COOKIE MONSTSER! I would love to try these one day. But they look too good to be eaten...

Mario and Luigi and the whole gang schbang!

Pacman, this one is one of my favourites too because well, IT LOOKS SO ADORABLE. I really liked this cupcakes on cake idea too. Very different.

Lastly, BANANA SPLIT CUPCAKES! I know right, too creative. Stress must really get those juices flowing. Hahaha. They all look amazing and I can tell you now they taste amazing. I will save the cakes posts another day. Because I have a whole bunch of photos in my photobank to share too.

Well, when the day she announces her shop is up and running, I will be sure to share the details with you. Meantime, stare at these mouthwatering pieces. While me, I now know who I can call to cater for my future parties ;) better say THANKS TINA in advance hahaha!

The pretty baker remains elusive here since I haven't asked if I could post a photo of her baking up. Perhaps another day, because I know for sure I will be blogging about her creations again!

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