Saturday, April 30, 2011

M loves Hershey's Nuggets!

Brrrrrr... it's getting cold here in Perth and I still refuse to wear proper thick clothes at home so I rather freeze my bum off. I think one of the best/worst things about the cold weather is that I absolutely crave for chocolate, almost all the time. The craving used to only hit once a month, but not anymore. I have since had alot of weird cravings, especially burgers and salt and vinegar potato chips.

The problem with my cravings is that I crave for specific things. Even if I get something similar but not the exact one. It does NOT satisfy the craving. I end up wanting more, and my brain will be occupied with it. ANYWAY, we are talking about chocolates weren't we? Yeah. I had 4 Godiva pralines a few days ago and then 2 easter eggs yesterday which resulted in me having a 'sexy' voice but thankfully no sore throat. I think my voice is back to normal today. Nevertheless, I was looking through my photobank and guess what. I saw photos of chocolates. It brought back some memories, and a particular craving. UH OH...

Have you seen them before? They are HERSHEY's NUGGETS! Oh lordie, I don't think they have it ANYWHERE here. If you knew me way back in secondary school or even JC, I used to buy loads of them whenever I go to Bangkok for a vacation and bring it to school and hand them out to friends. OR maybe I bought loads and stashed them away for personal consumption.

Singapore had them for a really short while and then discontinued the line. I was so bummed out but ecstatic when I rediscovered them in Bangkok's 7-eleven and supermarkets. It really has been a while since I had them. I also don't recall Hershey's World shops in RWS selling them...

A very rare sighting. Cherry dark chocolate flavour. Luxurious gold wrapping but still not my favourite flavour.

And no prizes for guessing that this is MY favourite of the lot. COOKIES AND CREAM!!! Nevermind it comes in silver and blue, quite a nice colour combi BUT the taste!

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Yes, they also come in a stick of four. The white creamy chocolate is sweet enough for any sweet tooth and the cookies crunch is so generous! I would pop the whole nugget in my mouth and had to have two at least.

If anyone in the world out there knows where I can get these, I will be eternally grateful. Tell me. So I have hope that it is still being sold and I have the chance of having it in my life once again...

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  1. ������ I'm looking for them too!